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What shampoo do YOU suggest?
My mom doesn't have a clue what to use...


Sequoyahs Jicarilla Latisha
Sequoyahs Jicarilla Latisha
Tortie Smoke at 5 weeks of age

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Joleigh's Smoke Signal of Abundanza
Christmas is fun!
Joleigh's Smoke Signal
of Abundanza

Joleigh's Smoke Signal of Abundanza, Black Smoke
Joleigh's Smoke Sign of Abundanza
Black Smoke

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Gepurz Cirina
Gepurz Cirina
Tortie Smoke Persian kitten


Sequoyahs Kitsai Tesoro & Sequoyahs Kitsai Alonzo
Sequoyahs Kitsai Tesoro & Sequoyahs Kitsai Alonzo
Red Smoke litter brothers at 4 weeks of age


Marie Thiers
Last updated March 22, 2008


Roggenstein's Heavy Metal, Black Smoke & White
Roggenstein's Heavy Metal
Black Smoke & White
Photo © U. Schantz