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"The World of Smoke Persians"
Wonderful article by Pat Lichtenberg, Palmetto Persians

Shaded and Smoke Division
CFA Persian Breed Profile

Visit the World of Smoke & Silver Persians and Exotics
Smoke, Cameo, Shaded Silver & Chinchilla, and Silver Tabby

Coat colour:  Silver, Smoke, Shaded, Shell, Silver Tabby
Basic Genetics

The Dominance of Genes
Basic Genetics

The Colors in the Smoke & Shaded Division
by Kathy Durdick, Ristokat Himalayans & Persians
This article is published at PandEcats.com

What Makes the Smoke Persian and Exotic Shorthair?
This website has a couple of articles on Smoke

Silver Persian Cat Club of Australia

Other useful links concerning breeding & showing:

Breed Standard for Persians, CFA
Point score, Persian colors, Persian color class numbers

Colour Charts
The basics of coat colour genetics in cats

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