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Smoke Persian Breeders

World wide listing, by cattery name

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CatteryNever 4 Ever     (CFA)

Location:  Germany (Hagen)

Name:  Viktoria Caspari

Web SiteNever4Ever


Description: I have been breeding Persians since 1996 in smoke, cameo and solid. My cats live with me together - non caged - and I take care of them in the very best way of possibility. They are all PKD tested at the University of Gießen.

Tinafeld Joanna of Never 4 Ever
Tortie Smoke Female

Photo © Oliver Graf


Cattery:  Nightflash Cattery     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Fresno, California)

Name:  Ann Black

Web Site: Nightflash

Ann Black

Description:  Specializing in Black Smoke, Blue Smoke and red Cameo Smoke Persians, with minimal or non-tabby pedigrees. A CFA cattery breeding quality Smoke Persians.

GC Lacey's Smoking Gun, Black Smoke
GC Lacey's Smoking Gun
Black Smoke Male
Photo © EgoPrints

CFA's 3rd best Persian in the Smoke & Shaded division 2001 and the CFA's 2nd best Black Smoke 2001


Cattery:  Pannonius Persians     (GCCF & CFA)

Location:  England

Name:  Mary Ann Hobson

Web Site:

E-mail:  Mary Ann Hobson

Description:  Correctly bred smoke and cameo persians, excelling in type, temperament and good looks.  We are an FAB PKD negative cattery.

CFA CH Fairy4U Elysium
CFA CH Fairy4U Elysium
Creme Shaded Cameo
Photo © Oliver Graf


CatteryPapagena Silver     (FIFe)

Location:  Denmark  (Copenhagen)

Name:  Niels Teglgaard

Web SitePapagena Silver

E-mailNiels Teglgaard

Description:  Small cageless cattery breeding silvers, goldens and smokes. We thrive for cats with good health, nice temper and excellent type. We show our cats on a regular basis and have won several Best in Variety as well as a couple of Best in Show. Occasionally we have kittens for sale.

Langare's Pepito
Langare's Pepito


CatteryPele Mele     (CFA / CFG)

Location:  Germany

Name:  Marion Juuls

Web SitePele Mele

E-mailMarion Juuls

Description:  I have a little cattery. I breed with the color: solid, bicolor,van, smoke, silver with tabby and white. My cats are all PKD tested.

Petovia's Erja
Petovia's Erja
Shaded Tortoiseshell


Cattery DK  Perli-Gem's     (FIFe)

Location:  Denmark

Name:  Lisbeth Steen

Web SitePerli-Gem's

E-mailL. Steen

Description:  DK Perli-Gem\'s is a small but serious (no cage) cattery, breeding for beautiful, healthy and loving cats. Our cats are family members. We breed  Smoke and solids.

DK Well-Done's Six
DK Well-Done's Six
Tortie Smoke


Cattery:  Perserina     (FIFe)

Location:  Denmark

Name:  Annetta Deleuran

Web Site:  Perserina

E-mail:  Annetta

Description:  Perserina is a small approved cattery, breeding smoke persians in an absolutely non cage environment. Our cats are members of the family and live as such.

Well-Done's Little Magic Star
Well-Done's Little Magic Star
Black Smoke


Cattery:  Petovia     (CFA)

Location:  Slovenia (close to Maribor)

Name:  Branka & Rastko Hafner

Web Site:

E-mail:  Branka & Rastko Hafner

Description:  We are a small cattery very much in love with smoke and cameo Persians. Our cats live with us in house not in cages. From time to time we separate them in different rooms, but most of the time they are all together with us, like our children. Our cats are scanned on PKD and we are breeding only PKD negative cats. You are warmly invited to visit Petovia Persians and to contact us.

Petovia's Luna
Petovia's Luna
Shaded Tortoiseshell Female


Cattery Pink Palace     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Mt. Juliet, Tn.)

Name:  Sandra Worrall

Web SitePink Palace

E-mailSandra Worrall

DescriptionI breed and show in CFA, I am a Smoke and Bi-Color breeder, I also have a very limited amount of Exotics. Please take a look at my web sight and see my cat/kittens.
They are PKD checked.

GC, RW, BW Pink Palace Personality
Pink Palace Personality
Tortie Smoke
Photo © Larry Johnson


Cattery:  Pitty Patty     (CFA)

Location:  USA (Kansas)

Name:  Georgia Hoffman

Web Site: 
Pitty Patty


Description:  Breeding Black Smoke and for other smoke colors, but mostly Black Smoke. My bloodlines: Afi, Palmetto, Cacao, Boberan.

GC. Sulebrity Chisholm K of Pitty Patty (Black Smoke)
GC. Sulebrity Chisholm K of Pitty Patty
Black Smoke


Cattery:  Planika     (CFA & FIFe)

Location: Slovenia (Ljubljana)

Name: Alenka Unk

Web Site: Planika

E-mail: Alenka Unk

Description:  Small cattery in Slovenia's capital, specialising in quality Smoke and Cameo Persians. Registering and showing regularly in CFA, FIFe and TICA. You are most welcome to visit my web site where you will be able to see my cats, their pedigrees and achievements.

CFA GRC Planika La Vie En Rose
Planika La Vie En Rose
Tortie Smoke at 6 months
Photo © A. Novak


Cattery:  Purradise Persians     (CFA)

Location: Canada (Hinton, Alberta)

Name: Tracy Slavik

Web Site: Purradise Persians

E-mail: Tracy Slavik

Description:  We are a small cattery located in the 'Heart of the Rockies.' We strive to produce healthy, quality, well adjusted kittens that are lovingly raised underfoot. We are presently in transition of changing to bi-colors/bi-color smokes including dilutes and solid smokes in our program. Check in frequently for we are undergoing drastic changes in the near future. Please sign our guestbook and let us know you were by.

No photo submitted by this breeder.


Cattery Purrshinka     (CFA)

Location: USA (Youngstown, Ohio)

Name: Stephanie Ujhelyi

Web Site: Purrshinka

E-Mail: Stephani Ujhelyi

Description: We have breeding smoke persians for eight years of most colors. Grand champion, regional winning and national winning lines include Pajean, Anz, Happypurrs, Char-O, Mockingbird, Palmetto, etc. Also have a color point carrier smoke program.

Happypurrs Keeli Shae
Happypurrs Keeli Shae
of Purrshinka
Red Shaded Cameo Female


Cattery:   Pussini

Location:  Germany (Berlin)

Name:  Christine Eimke

Web Site:  Pussini

E-mail:  Christine Eimke

Description:  We are a small cattery breeding smoke, tabby and silver-tabby, specializing in chocolate and lilac. Our goal is to improve these colours without using Colourpoints. We do not cage our cats because they are considered family. We do not sell to people who cage their cats.

No photo submitted by this breeder.


Cattery:   Rare Earth Persians      (CFA)

Location:  USA  (Houston, Texas)

Name:  Tracy Bayarena

Web Site:  Rare Earth

E-mail:  Tracy Bayarena

Description:  CFA reg. Smokes and Tabbies using the lines of Joleigh, Red Sky and Sunlit.

GC RW Rare Earth Symphony of Destruction
GC RW Rare Earth Symphony of Destruction
Blue Cream Smoke female
Photo © L. Johnson


Cattery Redfield's     (RVDE e.V.)

Location:  Germany  (Hamburg)

Name:  Carmen Hopp

Web SiteRedfield's

E-mailCarmen Hopp

Description:  A small and fine cattery in the south of Hamburg. Especially in Smoke and Solid.

Redfield's Desert Rose
Redfield's Desert Rose
Tortie Smoke


Cattery Rocawen     (GCCF)

Location:  England

Name:  Carol Owen

Web Site Rocawen

E-mailCarol Owen

Description:  Small cattery in the south of England breeding PKD negative Smoke Persians from international and UK lines. Concentrating on quality rather than quantity.

Eu Ch Rocawen Dolce Vita
Eu Ch Rocawen Dolce Vita
Blue-Cream Smoke


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